Block Harmful EMF Waves

Repelit™ is a EMF shield designed to be placed between you and your devices. Sleep better knowing you are blocking EMF waves!

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Repelit™ EMF shield creates a reflective shield to help block EMF.

Repelit™ EMF Shield

Repelit™ is designed to aid in reducing the harmful impact of Electro Magnetic Frequencies emitted by many electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, baby monitors, WIFI routers and more. Repelit™ has testimonials claiming better sleep when used between a charging phone and the bed area. Customers claim increased focus and sounder sleep. Repelit™ creates a reflective shield to combat EMF pollution. Repelit™ will not eliminate EMF entirely.

  • Patented Red Copper Mesh layered in Acrylic biased by a plurality magnets.

Such an easy product to use, it sits between my phone on the charger and my pillow at night. LOVE IT!

Suzanne F.


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US Pat. 10,495,174

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